Routes in Jaén city.


It is a beautiful city at the feet of a hill, surrounded by a chain of mountains to the south and an ocean of olive trees to the north.
Placed just on the way between Granada and Córdoba or, in other words, between the Alhambra and the big Mosque. Jaén deserves a visit to complete the historical and artistic vision of Al-Andalus: the Palace in Granada, the Mosque in Córdoba and the Hammam in Jaén, the biggest Arab Baths in all the western world.
In the Middle Ages, Saint Catherine Castle controlled the main frontier between the Nazri Kingdom of Granada and the rest of the Christian Spain. The Catholic Monarchs prepared from here the final Conquest of Granada. And it was just in Jaén where Cristopher Columbus had one of his last interviews with the Queen Isabel to be helped in the travel to America.
Nowadays, the Fortress is a tourist attraction on the top of the mountain from where we can enjoy a wonderful view of all the province of Jaén, the Valley of the river Guadalquivir and the city itself.
The Cathedral is the most emblematic monument in the city. It is considered one of the most harmonious Renaissance temples in the world
For those interested in the Spanish Jewish History we also offer a specific “Sefardi Tour” to get to know the old Jewish Quater or the birthplace of Hasday Ben Shaprut, Ambassador in the Royal Court of Al-Andalus and one of the most important Spanish Jews in the Middle Ages.
And for those interested in Ancient Cultures we can do a “Travel to the Iberians Times”, to get to know the origins of Spain. The Archaeological Museum of Jaén lodges the main Collection about this Culture, being specially outstanding the Sculpters from “Cerrillo Blanco” and “El Pajarillo” Sites. We can even visit the old Iberian city of Jaén in the outskirts: Puente Tablas Oppidum.



People come very often in spring and in autumn because the weather can be more stable. But our winter is mild and at this time, the city offers a beautiful landscape of snow in the mountains around and, even if it is raining, there are so many interesting things to visit inside the monuments that the rain does not disturb. The summer is hot but, fortunatelly, we have a dry continental climate, which means that in the shades (and we have a lot of them) we will be cool.
Jaén is not only an old town but also a modern city and we also offer many cultural and sports activities to enjoy during the whole year.